SOBAN - More than a table

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$ 180.00
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SOBAN - More than a table

"Soban, 소반" - South Korea’s traditional small tray table - was a perfect multifunctional piece of furniture essential to everyday life. It was a tray, desk, and table, all rolled into one, with a lightweight and comfortable design that made it the perfect tool for easy carrying or sturdy support.


Soban is designed to provide a more comfortable experience with ample space and stability. Enjoy working from home with Soban.


We believe furniture should not only provide functionality, but be visually stimulating as well. Soban's unique, minimalistic design provides an aesthetic value that will blend in seamlessly with any decor and add to the vibes of your precious space.


The versatility of Soban allows it to instantly transform from a work desk to a snack table to an in-bed movie theater. The sturdy handle design of the Soban makes it easy and safe to move around the house, saving time and stress.

About your Soban

We craft every Keetsa with integrity, invention, and meticulous attention to detail using materials of exceptional quality.

  • Spacious top surface with 28" width, space for more than just a laptop.  
  • Total height of only 12.5", for sleek design.
  • 9.5" clearance for plenty of legroom.
  • Spacious top surface with 28" width, space for more than just a laptop.  
  • Total height of only 12.5", for sleek design.
  • 9.5" clearance for plenty of legroom.
  • 15" depth of usable surface space.
  • Steel legs and handles for extra sturdiness.
  • Durable 0.75" thick table top with an optimized stylish roll cut edge.


  • W 28" x D 15" x H 12.5"


Top Surface

  • For True Black: Low Pressure Melamine(LPM) coated plywood. * Low Pressure Melamine is a coating method that does not use adhesive and provides excellent durability.
  • For Shiny White: UV Coated on painted plywood.

Handles & Legs: Made of 100% Steel for strong and stable support.



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Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H)

19" x 32" x 2" 

The Design Story

Learn more about Keetsa’s efforts to create extraordinary bedding products that deliver a more tranquil night’s sleep.

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SOBAN include a 5-year warranty for material and workmanship.


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Introducing: Soban

We borrowed the name and concept of the traditional Korean furniture piece of the same name for our new Soban - what followed was a year-long journey from that original inspiration that saw over 60 sample revisions to become the product you see today.

Korean homes use a unique heating system, called Ondol, that drives hot air underneath the floors, warming the home from below. This inventive heating system made the floor incredibly warm and comfortable, even during coldest weather. Due to this unique culture of living on the floor, Soban became an essential piece of furniture in Korean daily life. It was the perfect multifunctional furniture for eating, studying, and chatting over a cup of tea. As the most frequently used piece in the home, Soban had to be durable, and it had to be easy to move to different spaces in the house. 

We reinterpreted the many advantages of Soban through a contemporary lens to create Keetsa's Soban, bringing the same versatile functionality to our modern lives. 


Real love for our SOBAN - More than a table.
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