Get A Free Siesta Pillow & Eye Mask!

Free Siesta pillow and eye mask.

Share your Keetsa mattress or bed frame on Instagram and get a promotion gift.

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How to get a free gift ?

Step  1.  Follow Keetsa instagram. @keetsa_mattress.

Step  2.  Like ❤️ the free gift promotion post. 👉 Click here.

Step  3.  Create a post and tag us @keetsa_mattress.

Step  4.  Email us at with your instagram address and shipping address.

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If you have any questions about this promotion, please call us at 1.877.753.3872.

Enjoy Your Siesta Everywhere!

Take this nap pillow everywhere so you can nap anywhere. 

Versatile design supports all sleeping positions in any location.

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