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Josh's Pick 

Manager, New York Store.

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  • Person in Lotus Position: Medium Skin Tone

The Supreme is truly the chameleon of mattresses. It is soft when you need it to be soft and firm you need it to be firm. Rest assured, whether you are stomach, side, or back-sleeper (or sleep in 10,000 different positions like me) the Tea Leaf Supreme mattress offers the right amount of versatility to be the perfect mattress for any type of sleeper.

Ah. The poor box spring. Overlooked and misunderstood (it doesn't even really have springs in it); it seems like nobody gets excited about their box spring purchase...but I'm telling you; The Base is different. Unlike other standard, more boring, box springs; the Base is meant to be shown off and is actually kind've fun to set-up (at least to me). It's ingenious construction not only makes it extraordinarily easy to assemble and durable but most importantly, it matches perfectly with my Tea Leaf Supreme mattress! I also like using my Base directly on the floor so it has a sharp but minimalist appearance and so my feet can easily touch the ground when I'm sitting on the edge of my bed (the Base is 9 inches deep, making it our lowest profile foundation option when you put it directly on the floor). 

Shane's Pick 

Sleep Guide, New York Store.

  • Star-Struck
  • Folded Hands: Medium Skin Tone

I am a back- and side-sleeper, so I need a mattress with the perfect blend of cushion for my shoulder and support for my lower back (being a big fella and contact sports have left me with some disc issues that need attention), and I found that in the Tea Leaf Dream. 

The Minimo's sleek low profile design will also lift your sleeping surface enough for ease getting in and out of bed without overpowering the room. 

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