Keetsa offers protection


Keetsa, Inc. warrants that the following Keetsa products will be free from defects in material and workmanship that may compromise sleep quality for the periods listed below from the date the product is delivered to the original consumer purchaser. This warranty covers the original consumer purchaser for as long as he/she owns the product and is not transferable. Customer must present proof of purchase, without which warranty service will be denied. The product must be in the customer’s possession until warranty assessment and inspection can be completed.

Mattresses 12 years

Pillows & Beddings 5 years 

Comfort Layers 5 years

Bed frame foundations 5 years

Floor models or samples 1 year

Pet Products 5 years

The warranty period begins from the point of delivery to the original purchaser. The warranty cannot be transferred. If you live in a state that does not allow limitations on the duration of an implied warranty, the above limitation may not apply to you. Learn more about warranties.

Warranty exclusions and limitations

This warranty applies only to the Keetsa-brand products listed above that are sold in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada—and only when those who purchased them from Keetsa or a Keetsa retailer as a new product have used them properly. By proper use, we mean using the mattress on a firm, rigid, and smooth surface that allows air ventilation and supports the entire mattress, such as a slatted bed platform, box spring, or Keetsa bed frame foundation (slats should not be more than 4” apart). Keetsa mattresses are not designed for use with Murphy beds or adjustable beds, and use of Keetsa mattresses on this kind of bed voids the warranty. Proper use also means that the product was not abused by the purchaser. Liquid damage, spillage, and/or bodily fluids, will cause excessive wear on the mattress, comfort layer, and pillow. The warranty coverage will be void if any sort of stains or water marks occur. It is the customer's responsibility to properly protect the product. This warranty does not apply to a purchaser’s personal comfort preferences, such as the firmness of the mattress, bed height, weight, or to normal body impressions of 1.5” or less.

Mattress manufacturing defects covered under warranty

  • Open seams that cause damage to the inner foam or spring material, and affect overall function or comfort of the mattress.  

  • Visible permanent compression of the mattress surface greater than 1.5”.

  • Coil failure (extends or depresses more than 1.5” of original height or protrudes out of the mattress core).

Mattress manufacturing defects not covered under warranty

  • Faults in the cosmetic appearance, such as wrinkles on the fabric and/or crushed corners, that do not affect the performance of the mattress. 

  • Cosmetic changes that naturally occur over time, including natural blemishes in the fabric, stitches or seams coming apart.

  • Uneven softness on the surface of the mattress that may occur over time.

  • Keetsas that may have been soiled, dampened, burned, stained, or otherwise damaged at no fault of the mattress.

  • Bed height change over time after use.

  • Mattress fabric color changes or pills, which can accumulate over time.

  • Mattress dimension (width, length, and/or height) discrepancies of up to one inch.

  • Appearance of mold or infestation with vermin (such as bed bugs) owing to improper and unsanitary care of the mattress.

Note: Although you can sleep on a Keetsa within an hour of removing it from its packaging, it can take several days for it to fully recover its natural shape. This period of acclimation is normal, depends on atmospheric conditions, and is not a defect in the mattress that would be covered under the warranty.

Pillow manufacturing defects covered under warranty

  • Seams that come apart.

  • Misshapen within the first 30 nights of use.

Pillow manufacturing defects not covered under warranty

  • Loss of loft, firmness, or shape after 30 nights of use, which is common among all types of pillows.

  • Cosmetic changes that naturally occur over time, including color or pills, which can accumulate over the period of use.

  • Height change over time.

  • Fabric color changes or pills, which can accumulate over time. 

  • Loss of loft, firmness, or shape that occur over time.

  • Dimension discrepancies of up to one inch appearance of mold or infestation with vermin (such as bed bugs).

Bed frame foundation manufacturing covered under warranty

  • Seams coming apart.

  • Broken support structures that do not adequately provide a firm, rigid, and flat surface for the mattress.

Bed frame foundation manufacturing defects not covered under warranty  

  • Cosmetic changes (color, peeling) that develop over time in bed frame foundations that include fabrics.

  • Bed frame foundations that may have been soiled, dampened, burned, or otherwise damaged from improper use.

Warranty performance

During the warranty period, Keetsa may opt to repair or replace any defective product that is covered under warranty. Any replacement will be for the same item and size originally purchased. However, Keetsa reserves the right to substitute comparable materials or models and does not guarantee that the replacement part will match the existing piece or product. Replacement of one piece or part of the product does not constitute Keetsa’s agreement to replace other pieces or parts. The warranty period does not change if replacement items are required—the original warranty date remains in effect. Keetsa will not provide a refund if you do not accept the repair or replacement.

Obtaining service on your warranty  

  • To obtain service under the warranty, notify (in writing) the retailer that sold you the Keetsa product, email us at contactus@keetsa.com, or call us at 1.877.753.3872. You must present an original sales receipt that establishes the start date of the warranty. 

  • If a member of the Keetsa team requests a photograph to prove a warranty claim, it is your responsibility to send photographs that clearly show the claimed defect. If provided information or photos are not satisfactory, Keetsa reserves the right to deny the claim. 

  • If we must inspect the product, the transportation cost or removal cost will be borne by the purchaser until such time as Keetsa determines that a claim is valid. If the product is defective, Keetsa will bear all transportation or removal costs. 

  • For health and safety reasons, Keetsa is not able to inspect products that are soiled, dampened, burned, stained, or infested with vermin, bed bugs, or mold, and in such cases the warranty will not apply.  

  • Please keep your limited warranty in a safe place along with the dated sales receipt that shows that you are the original purchaser. Please do not cut off the white tag on your mattress or pillow as this contains valuable information about your product.  

  • Do not bend or fold your mattress, and do not try to get it back into the original box. When moving your Keetsa mattress after initial use, please be sure that it is properly supported and protected; carry the mattress on its side when moving.  

Limitation of liability

Repair or replacement of a defective product shall be the sole remedy of the purchaser under this warranty and, in no event, shall Keetsa be liable for monetary refund, incidental or consequential damages, losses, or expenses. (Keetsa will not provide a refund if you do not accept the repair or replacement.) Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. 

Legal rights

Our warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may be entitled to additional rights, which vary from state to state.