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Dreamy Nights Ahead

The entire sleep experience reimagined.

A woman is sleeping on Keetsa mattress.

Six Mattress Designs

It is common for consumers to feel anxious and confused when faced with too many choices. And when we consider that most customers compare dozens of options across brands before buying a mattress, the staggering number of possibilities only serves to thwart decision-making. So we analyzed representative sleep types and designed specific product lines to serve each of them. What we saved with our direct-to-consumer model, we invested back into manufacturing, allowing us to use higher quality components to differentiate our models while we also tightened our quality-control pipeline.

Ingeniously Transportable

Over the last decade, we’ve worked to perfect a mattress that fits in an easily transportable box. Transportable, but as robust as any conventional furniture store mattress. Actually, more robust, because Keetsas are built to withstand compression. That portability also means we can ship them Fedex—free of charge—which reduces your costs and our carbon footprint.

A guy is unpacking Keetsa mattress at home by himself.

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