If you are reading this, something might not be exactly how you expected it when you made your Keetsa purchase. For that, we are very sorry! In order to promptly address your issue, we ask our customers to submit below information via email to your Sleep Consultant or The information you provide will be used to evaluate your issue in a timely manner.

1. Photos of the mattress clearly showing the issue.

  • Make sure the photos are showing the bare mattress, with no sheets, blanket or cover on the mattress.

  • For indentation issues, put a ruler, stick or string across the surface to show the depth of theindentation.

  • For dimension discrepancy issues, use a ruler to show the measurements clearly.

  • Include few photos that show the whole mattress, as well as close up shots that show the specific issues.

2. Send the batch number. 

Send the batch number indicated on the bottom of the labels attached to the head of the mattress. 

The number starts with BD000_____. If no such number, take photo of the labels and email to Keetsa.

3. For mattress indentation issues.

For mattress indentation issues, be sure to check below to accurately find the source of the sagging, as at many times the mattress sagging issue is caused by improper foundation condition.

  • Check foundation of the mattress to see it is not sinking or bending.

  • Another way to see if the sagging is caused by foundation is by having the mattress put on the floor and see if the indentation is still there. If not, most likely, it’ll be the foundation that will need to be replaced.

4. Include below information in the body of the email.

  • Customer name the mattress was purchased under.

  • Date when the mattress was taken out of the box.

  • Customer address.

  • Name/location of the store where the mattress was purchased from.

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